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Windows Desktop Cannot Connect to Any Websites Article not rated yet
Make sure the data cable is plugged in and reboot.  If that doesn't fix it, there could be a problem with the DNS settings.  The PDF attached to this KB article describes how to fix it.  Login to comp...
How do I play a DVD with VLC Media Player? Article not rated yet
Reference the PDF attached to this knowledgebase article for a tutorial on DVD playback with VLC Media Player. 
Why won't my projector show an image? Article not rated yet
Default display setting on Windows computers with more than one screen is "Extended Desktop"  Find PDF attached to this knowledgebase article for tutorial on how to change settings on Windows 10...
Shared Google Calendars aren't showing up on my iPad/iPhone. Article rated 5.0/5.0
You've subscribed to a Google calendar, can see it on your computer when logged into GSuite and view Google Calendar, but it isn't showing up on your iPhone or iPad! The Google Calendar app from the ...
Why can't I print from my laptop? It worked the other day. Article not rated yet
Ensure your laptop is connected to the correct network.  If your laptop is connected to the wireless network named "CPS-Guest" you'll not be able to print.  You must be connected to the wir...
How do I reserve rooms at CPS? Article not rated yet
Using Google Calendar of course!  See attached PDF
What is Google Drive File Stream and how do I use it? Article not rated yet
Google Drive File Stream is a program that makes using Google Drive easy!   You have to download and install the program on your computer.  Mant district computera already have it installe...
Missed telephone calls aren't going to voicemail. It worked a couple weeks ago. Whats up with that? Article not rated yet
If calls aren't  going to voicemail, ensure your "call forwarding to 

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